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What are Idaho’s rules concerning collecting and possessing Idaho native amphibians and reptiles?
All Idaho native amphibians and reptiles are classified by Idaho Code as Protected nongame species and may not be collected or possessed without first securing the appropriate licenses and/or permits from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

What are the requirements for collecting amphibians and reptiles in Idaho?
A valid Idaho hunting license is required to collect native amphibians and reptiles. Bullfrogs are not native to Idaho, but a valid Idaho fishing license is required to collect bullfrogs.

How many Idaho amphibians and reptiles can I collect?
Individuals with a valid hunting license may collect and possess up to four living specimens of any Idaho native species of amphibian and reptile. A permit from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is required to collect more than four of any species. Permits for collecting amphibians and reptiles for commercial purposes are not approved.

What about venomous reptiles?
Individuals are discouraged from collecting Idaho native venomous reptiles, however, if such reptiles are legally obtained, they must be housed in locked, double screened secure enclosures.

If I’m moving to Idaho, can I bring my reptiles with me?
Individuals may import into Idaho without a permit, amphibians and reptiles which are considered to be “common household pets.” Venomous reptiles cannot be legally imported or transported into Idaho.

Are there rules about captive care of wildlife?
Fish and Game rules state that captive wildlife must be cared for in appropriate and humane ways.

Can any non-native species be released into the wild?
It is illegal in Idaho to release any non-native species of wildlife into the wild.

What if I want to let my Idaho native reptile or amphibian into the wild?
A permit from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is required to re-release captive Idaho native wildlife into the wild.

How do I find answers to my specific questions?
Specific questions concerning these rules, their interpretation and related issues concerning amphibians and reptiles should be addressed to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Bureau of Enforcement or Regional Fish and Game Conservation Officers, or to the IDFG Nongame wildlife program.

How do I find out about local regulations?
In Idaho many cities and counties have differing local ordinances pertaining to the possession of amphibians and reptiles. Individuals should consult with their local governments about what restrictions may or may not apply in different areas of the state.

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