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Remembering Garren Evans (April 15, 1971 - August 9, 2008), who helped create, a true friend of nature and amphibians and reptiles


Frank with Eguana. Photo by Garren Evans
Gater. Photo by Garren Evans Consultation services to zoos and animal facilities concerning adequate and proper husbandry for amphibians and reptiles.

*Consultation to public and private agencies and organizations concerning the conservation and care of native and exotic amphibians and reptiles.

*Consultation with general public concerning specific questions pertaining to the natural history and behavior of native and exotic amphibians and reptiles.

*”Animal Wrangling” for media presentations with amphibians and reptiles. Technical consultation concerning behavior of animals and humane and acceptable treatment and presentation of animals in media events.

*Training programs tailored specifically for indivduals and groups interested in specific animals and animal care or related activities.

*Special educational consultation with law enforcement, animal control, paramedic and military organizations concerning safe and humane methods of dealing with unique situations involving amphibians and reptiles.


Educational programs: Basic cost - $250.00 per program. Fees negotiable based on number of participants and animals. Please inquire for details and options.

Training programs: $300.00 per program. For groups over 30 participants add $10.00 per person. Please inquire for details and options.

Telephone consultation. $1.00 per minute ($20.00 minimum charge) Please inquire for details and options.

Consulting/field services: $45.00 per hour plus expenses.

Animal wrangling: Fees based upon specific requirements. Please inquire.

Charges and fees may vary depending upon the number of participants, organizations, animals, time and equipment involved.

Frank with Snake. Photo by Garren Evans









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