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“Lucky” A Memorial - Say No to Rattlesnake Roundups - A Message for Earth Day 2010

I’m reposting this picture of “Lucky” from 2004 and originally posted in 2006 along with the original 2007 description. A profound message for all of us celebrating Earth Day is that we must end barbarities like rattlesnake roundups. Here’s the 2007 description for this picture:

Lucky’s” photograph was the first EcoSnake posted on Flickr (July 6, 2006). “Lucky” was a Great Basin rattlesnake, native of Idaho (Crotalus oreganus lutosus). I’m re-posting it to protest the rattlesnake roundups which happen in Texas and several other states every Spring. In a Texas roundup ome 7000 rattlesnakes will be slaughtered for no other reason than money and “entertainment.” The snakes are forced out of their dens by humans spraying gas into the ground, a practice which, most likely, kills other animals sharing the dens. The snakes are then dumped in containers and kept for months without food and water. Then at the “festival” they are taken out, measured and beheaded. There’s a problem here: Snakes’ metabolism is much slower than humans’. When a snake is beheaded, the head will live for some time after….But apart from these thoughts, why do we need to commit this barbarity on our fellow living beings? The rattlesnakes only want to be left alone to live their lives. They want to regulate their body temperatures, have shelter, food and water, and mate and have privacy - amazing - not too much different from us - the rattlesnakes consume huge quantities of rodents which, if left unchecked, destroy crops and spread disease - to humans. “Lucky” died last year but he died of old age….He was “Lucky” Photo by Garren (Garren Evans, April 15, 1971 - August 9, 2008.

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