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snake shot

The Associated Press

Michigan state trooper Bill Coon holds the 7-foot python he shot Monday, Aug. 18, 2008, after it slithered onto a Port Sheldon road and was spotted lunging at passing motorists.

Follow this link.  You’ll find as is apparent above, the snake is a boa constrictor and not a python and everyone really overreacted…

The snake was a harmless boa constrictor, probably someone’s escaped “pet.”  But what happened is nothing more than bigoted folks responding to ignorance…I say bigoted, because lack of understanding and tolerance for the creatures with whom we share our earth, especially creatures who have been here many millions of years before us - before we fear them and kill them we should try to understand them.

Posted by Frank - January 14, 2009

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  1. This story is just heartbreaking — particularly when you consider how and why the poor animal ended up at this location, subject to such horrific treatment. This tale is a testament to the value of EcoSnake and all you do. Ignorance is responsible for so much of the cruelty we see perpetrated, I see it time and again. It’s only because of people like you that people like me manage to retain some faith and diligence of purpose.

    Comment by Ingrid — July 13, 2009 @ 11:11 pm

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