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“Dumpster” voted, Green iguana (Iguana iguana) originally uploaded by EcoSnake.


And so should all friends of EcoSnake in the united States, if you haven’t done so already. So much is at stake in this election for the environment, ecosystems, wildlife habitat, mitigation of global warming…Everything we believe in.

That’s also why “Dumpster” voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Lizards have been on the earth for over 240 million years…They have learned a thing or two…and if “Dumpster” could talk, he might share some thoughts:

Tomorrow gives United States Citizens the opportunity to bring about significant change for our land and people in so many ways:

For the past eight years we have witnessed the systematic and deliberate dismantling of government regulations which protect our air and water quality. We can change that!

For the past eight years we have seen the United States lose the respect of our international friends and foes alike. We can change that!

For the past eight years we have witnessed the lack of ability of our leaders to provide even the basic governmental services mandated by the Constitution - insuring domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare. We can change that!

For the past eight years we have witnessed our leaders promoting a foreign policy based upon lies and lack of understanding of other peoples and cultures. We can change that!

For the past eight years we have endured our leaders mocking science and intellectual development while pandering to fear and prejudice. We can change that!

For the past eight years we have watched while protections have been taken away from the wildlife and wildlife habitats in favor of other uses. We can change that!

EcoSnake and Reptile Conservation Resources was founded to support understanding and conservation of amphibians and reptiles and their ecosystems throughout the world, starting in our own backyards.

These magnificent creatures have been on the earth since the beginnings of time…We can learn much about how we may survive in the coming years by learning how the amphibians and reptiles have survived thorough so many millions of years.

And amphibians and reptiles, because they were on the earth so long before humans, can teach us so much about our own histories and cultures and need for tolerance and understanding of lives different from ours…

Please vote tomorrow and vote for leaders at all levels of government who will work for wildlife, whether on the international stage, or in our own backyards.

Please follow “Dumpster’s” lead and vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Thanks - Frank - November 3, 2008


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