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May we all find peace…, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

A wish for all our friends at EcoSnake …

To remember our colleague and friend and the “brother I never had,” Garren Evans who was so important to the EcoSnake programs…No friend could ever have been more loyal and no friend could ever have been more honest, and no friend could be missed more….

Garren served as Program Assistant for Reptile Conservation Resources, Inc.(, for eight years helping with our educational and natural history programs about conservation and amphibians and reptiles. Garren helped design the artistic layout of the EcoSnake webpage. During the past few years we went to school assumblies and classrooms in Boise, Cambridge, Mountain Home, McCall, Ketchum and Sun Vallely Idaho. He served as “animal wrangler” when some of the animals were in a television commercial. He helped at least three years in a row at the Pacific Northwest Reptile Breeders Expo in Puyallup, Washington. He helped me care for and maintain my animals which include ten species of snakes and five species of lizards. He helped with our “Rattlesnake and Outdoor Awareness” presentations at the M-K Nature Center. In fact, ti was Garren who suggested calling the programs “Rattlesnake Awareness and Outdoor Safety.” His work was most valued in setting up and helping me teach my Biology Workshop, “Natural History of Amphibians and Reptiles,” at Boise State University. He became knowledgeable enough about amphibians and reptiles to answer many of the students’ questions.

He was exceptional with both still and video photography and produced tremendous footage about amphibians and reptiles. He was a true artist. Some of his photos can be seen by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the home page and then clicking on “ecosnake photos on flickr.”

He was invaluable to me as a personal friend a few years ago when I developed chronic kidney disease and required dialysis treatments for nearly two years. No one could have been more encouraging and caring. He literallly forced me to recover to the extent I have not needed dialysis for five and a half years.

Many years ago I wrote several poems over a period of time which I’ve shown to very few people. When Garren saw them he said I should publish them. In Garren’s honor I offer the following titled

“A Land Somewhere.”

There is a land somewhere
Where eagles fly
Across sparkling sand
Where time is warm
And man is himself.

And that thing, that terrible thing
Which drives our guts
Against our soul and life
Rests quiet, alone and unafraid,

Wanting to awake
Slowly in the dawning

It will grow within our being
And quietly touch our souls.

It will speak in the morning
Saying “Be not afraid,

For I come to you alone
As part of you.

I am you, your hope, your love.

I touch the desert and bring water
I touch the night and bring morning
I touch the winter and bring spring
I touch the body and bring love
And temptation and fear…

And peace…

I hope my friend Garren has found peace.

Sincerely with love and honor for one of the most honest, big hearted and decent human beings anyone could ever know.

Frank Lundburg

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  1. Frank, Nice poem, I know we will all miss Garren and all he has done for you and the program I am proud to have been able to have been a part of the workshop for all these years with you guys, he will always be there in spirit………….

    Comment by Lance — September 20, 2008 @ 8:19 am

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