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Pythons like “James” have, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

been on the earth for over 50 million years. “James” wonders, as he watches the opening ceremonies of the Olympics if all the nations can get together for sports, maybe the nations could get together to find peace…Just a thought. The name “python” derives from the ancient Greek word “pythias” which means “rotting flesh.” Legend is that Apollo the Greek god of the sun killed a serpent who lived in a cave on Mount Parnassus. The cave was situated over sulpher fissures which smelled like “rotting flesh.” This place on Mt. Parnassus was called “Delphi.” Priestesses sat on a tripod over the fissure and foretold the future for generations. Legend also says that Apollo created atlhletic games to celebrate the “python”. The games were known as the “Pythian Games.” After a period of time the games became so famous they were moved to a site called “Olympia.” There are probably many versions of the origins of the Olympics, but I think this one is cool. And “James” agrees! “James” is an albino Burmese rock python (Python molurus bivittatus). Photo by Frank

Posted by Frank - August 8, 2008 

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