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Note from Frank -

These photos from National Geographic News and the accompanying article are sobering and graphic and sad.

Our work for conservation of ecosystems has to include not only understanding biology and our love for amphibians and reptiles, but also an understanding of the history and sociology of cultures in relation to the all the living things on our earth - we have to combat the superstitions of significant numbers of people on our planet (including in our own countries) about the relationship of all animals to humans…

If only people could learn to accept all forms of life on the earth for what they are: Individual living things whose survival is dependent on all other living things, and then respect them for that individuality - then we might come to realize how much our fellow creatures can offer us, just by existing, to provide insights into finding ways to prevent disease, enhance health and understand a little bit more about our lives and the world we share.


Bear Bile, Tiger Parts Sold in Myanmar Markets

image Trade in rare animal parts is thriving despite recent attempts to crack down on the wildlife trade in Southeast Asia. Warning: graphic images.

Posted by Frank - February 28, 2008

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