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Archive for March, 2009

British Columbia bans possession of many exotic animals


New rules adopted by the Ministry of Environment in British Columbia restrict, regulate and ban the possession of many exotic animals including amphibians and reptiles - from the Ministry of Environment web page:

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First born in the wild in 200 years faces a wild life…





FIRST BORN: An eight-centimetre-long baby was found at Wellington’s Karori Sanctuary. It is the first born on mainland New Zealand in 200 years.

Posted by Frank - March 23, 2009

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from EcoSnake


From National Geographic News:

St. Patrick’s Day Facts: Snakes, a Slave, and a Saint

image Few celebrating St. Patrick’s Day—Tuesday, March 17—know much about the man and the myth behind the holiday that turns rivers green and makes Guinness flow.

Posted by Frank - March 16, 2009

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Crocodile devours shark in Australia


From the Daily Telegraph

Craig Van Lawick was aboard the commercial barramundi boat on the Wildman River, east of Darwin, in the Northern Territory when the crocodile started eating the shark.

Posted by Frank - March 16, 2009

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China’s cat meat industry


From Sky News - China’s cat meat industry.  Note from Frank Lundburg:  While I think we must respect and understand other cultures and societies, to me, this is very sad and very wrong.  There must come a time when we humans have to grow up and recognize how much we owe to the creatures with whom we share a planet which is neutral to all of us:

Sky News: China’s ‘cat meat’ industry

Posted by Frank - March 9, 2009

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Learn about Squirrels at the Idaho Fish and Game M-k Nature Center


Nature Center poster, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

The Nature Center staff created a poster from some of my squirrel photos to promote March, 2009 as “Squirrel Education Month. Thanks to my friends at the M-K Nature Center for the honor! You can view more “ecosnake” squirrel photos in the “Squirrel” picture set. Photo(s) by Frank Lundburg and Garren Evans. If you live in the Boise, Idaho area, Please stop by the Nature Center and learn about the squirrels in Idaho and in our backyards.

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