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Archive for August, 2008

Friday’s frog is sad but


Friday’s frog is sad but, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

knows we have to move on….Amphibians have been on the earth over 360 million years and they know something…We should listen to them…Photo by Frank

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Love and goodbye…


Love and goodbye…, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

Photo by Garren Evans (April 15, 1971 - August 9, 2008)

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May we all find peace…


May we all find peace…, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

A wish for all our friends at EcoSnake …

To remember our colleague and friend and the “brother I never had,” Garren Evans who was so important to the EcoSnake programs…No friend could ever have been more loyal and no friend could ever have been more honest, and no friend could be missed more….

Garren served as Program Assistant for Reptile Conservation Resources, Inc.(, for eight years helping with our educational and natural history programs about conservation and amphibians and reptiles. Garren helped design the artistic layout of the EcoSnake webpage. During the past few years we went to school assumblies and classrooms in Boise, Cambridge, Mountain Home, McCall, Ketchum and Sun Vallely Idaho. He served as “animal wrangler” when some of the animals were in a television commercial. He helped at least three years in a row at the Pacific Northwest Reptile Breeders Expo in Puyallup, Washington. He helped me care for and maintain my animals which include ten species of snakes and five species of lizards. He helped with our “Rattlesnake and Outdoor Awareness” presentations at the M-K Nature Center. In fact, ti was Garren who suggested calling the programs “Rattlesnake Awareness and Outdoor Safety.” His work was most valued in setting up and helping me teach my Biology Workshop, “Natural History of Amphibians and Reptiles,” at Boise State University. He became knowledgeable enough about amphibians and reptiles to answer many of the students’ questions.

He was exceptional with both still and video photography and produced tremendous footage about amphibians and reptiles. He was a true artist. Some of his photos can be seen by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the home page and then clicking on “ecosnake photos on flickr.”

He was invaluable to me as a personal friend a few years ago when I developed chronic kidney disease and required dialysis treatments for nearly two years. No one could have been more encouraging and caring. He literallly forced me to recover to the extent I have not needed dialysis for five and a half years.

Many years ago I wrote several poems over a period of time which I’ve shown to very few people. When Garren saw them he said I should publish them. In Garren’s honor I offer the following titled

“A Land Somewhere.”

There is a land somewhere
Where eagles fly
Across sparkling sand
Where time is warm
And man is himself.

And that thing, that terrible thing
Which drives our guts
Against our soul and life
Rests quiet, alone and unafraid,

Wanting to awake
Slowly in the dawning

It will grow within our being
And quietly touch our souls.

It will speak in the morning
Saying “Be not afraid,

For I come to you alone
As part of you.

I am you, your hope, your love.

I touch the desert and bring water
I touch the night and bring morning
I touch the winter and bring spring
I touch the body and bring love
And temptation and fear…

And peace…

I hope my friend Garren has found peace.

Sincerely with love and honor for one of the most honest, big hearted and decent human beings anyone could ever know.

Frank Lundburg

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Self-portrait Garren Evans


Self-portrait, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

My friend is gone. He helped educate about amphibians and reptiles. People in Idaho and around the world should know. Your comments are appreciated.

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Garren Evans


Garren Evans, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

April 15, 1971 - August 9, 2008. The brother I never had and the friend who helped me get well…and one of the most decent, talented and caring people ever, the best friend anyone could ever be lucky enough to have…the other half of the “EcoSnake” team for the past eight years died suddenly August 9, 2008.

Posted by Frank - August 10, 2008.

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Pythons like “James”


Pythons like “James” have, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

been on the earth for over 50 million years. “James” wonders, as he watches the opening ceremonies of the Olympics if all the nations can get together for sports, maybe the nations could get together to find peace…Just a thought. The name “python” derives from the ancient Greek word “pythias” which means “rotting flesh.” Legend is that Apollo the Greek god of the sun killed a serpent who lived in a cave on Mount Parnassus. The cave was situated over sulpher fissures which smelled like “rotting flesh.” This place on Mt. Parnassus was called “Delphi.” Priestesses sat on a tripod over the fissure and foretold the future for generations. Legend also says that Apollo created atlhletic games to celebrate the “python”. The games were known as the “Pythian Games.” After a period of time the games became so famous they were moved to a site called “Olympia.” There are probably many versions of the origins of the Olympics, but I think this one is cool. And “James” agrees! “James” is an albino Burmese rock python (Python molurus bivittatus). Photo by Frank

Posted by Frank - August 8, 2008 

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Sunshine smile


Sunshine smile, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

Time for a friendly picture. This North American bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) lives in a small secluded pond and from time to time allows herself to be photographed.

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Troubling times…for people and pets…


From National Geographic News:

More Pet Owners Seek Aid, Give Up Animals Due to Costs

image In the wake of an economic downturn, pet food pantries, shelters, and other nonprofits are straining to keep up with rising demand from owners who have fallen on hard times.

Posted by Frank - August 6, 2008

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111-year old to be first-time father - Tuatara from New Zealand


JOHN HAWKINS/Southland Times

DASHING DAD: Southland Museum tuatara curator Lindsay Hazley with Henry the tuatara who is soon to be a first-time father and a sample of some of the tuatara eggs that have been laid this year.


By EVAN HARDING - The Southland Times | Wednesday, 06 August 2008


111-year-old to be first-time father

The high-profile sex romp early this year of Henry, a century-old tuatara from Invercargill, has resulted in his lover Mildred laying 12 eggs.

Henry, a resident at Southland Museum since 1970, hit the world headlines in March when he finally proved his manhood at 111 years old.

He had never shown an interest in mating until he was caught getting intimate with the much younger Mildred, aged between 70 and 80.

Museum staff put Henry’s newfound desire down to a cancer growth being removed from his bottom.

Southland Museum tuatara curator Lindsay Hazley said Mildred laid 12 eggs on July 15 but one had since perished. The remaining 11 eggs were being kept in an incubator at between 18 and 21degC and were scheduled to hatch in about six months, he said.

“The fact they have come this far is a good positive sign. As each week goes by I get more confident the eggs will last.” He now expected Henry to breed every season.

Henry was currently enjoying the company of three females in his enclosure, Mildred, Lucy and Juliet, with the next breeding season in eight months, Mr Hazley said.

“With these guys foreplay might take years. One has to be patient.” Henry’s love life had been a big hit with the public, Mr Hazley said.

“A few old people have come in having a good old chuckle, saying there was hope for them yet.”

Another female tuatara at the museum had also laid 10 eggs last month. Henry was not the man in her life, 22-year-old Charles was.

Both lots of eggs were laid about two months earlier than expected, probably because a new roof over the museum’s tuatara enclosure had provided extra warmth, allowing the process to happen earlier, Mr Hazley said.

Another four or five tuatara at the museum were also expected to lay eggs this season, he said.

Posted by Frank - August 5, 2008


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Vietnam Illegal Wildlife Trade Harms Biodiversity


From AFP:

Vietnam illegal wildlife trade eats away at biodiversity: reports

by Frank ZellerSun Aug 3, 10:03 PM ET

Vietnam’s appetite for illegal wildlife meat and demand for traditional medicine is devastating animal and plant species within and beyond its borders, experts warn in two new reports.

Vietnam has been one of Southeast Asia’s most biodiverse countries, but some species may be lost before they are known to science due to an illegal global trade believed to be trailing only drugs and gunrunning.

Two new reports spell out that, despite Vietnam’s international commitments to combat the trade, the smuggling of tigers, monkeys, snakes, pangolins and other animals to and through Vietnam is booming.

“Vietnam’s illegal trade in wildlife continues unabated and affects neighbouring countries,” wrote Nguyen Van Song of the Hanoi Agricultural University in the Journal of Environment and Development.

“Wildlife in Vietnam has become very scarce.”

The study estimated that up to 4,000 tonnes of live animals or meat, skins, ground bones and other illegal products are trafficked into and out of Vietnam per year, generating more than 67 million dollars in revenues.

Species are mostly sourced from Vietnam’s national parks and neighbouring Laos and Cambodia, to be consumed in Vietnam, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, according to the study based on hundreds of interviews.

The largest volume of illegal wildlife goods is smuggled across the Vietnam-China border, with an estimated 2,500 to 3,500 kilogrammes (5,500 to 7,700 pounds) flowing daily through the two major border gates, it said.

There have been high-profile crackdowns. In a case last week, Vietnamese police seized more than two tonnes of live snakes and 770 kilogrammes of tortoises from Laos en route to China.

But the report estimated that the total value of confiscated wildlife accounts for only three percent of the illegal trade, and that authorities are at a disadvantage when a forest ranger polices an average of 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres) of forest at a monthly wage of about 50 dollars.

Smugglers connected to “influential people” — shorthand for gangsters — bribe or threaten officials and hide their contraband in trucks, ambulances, wedding and funeral cars and prison vans, the report said.

The capital Hanoi is Vietnam’s largest market for illegal wildlife meat, with revenues of over 12,000 dollars a day, the report said.

“Hanoi is the cultural and political centre of Vietnam where wildlife protection and conservation policies are issued and implemented,” said the report.

“This suggests that the gap between policies and implementation of wildlife protection is still big.”

The most popular species served in Hanoi were snakes, palm civets, monitor lizards, porcupines, leopards, pangolins, monkeys, forest pigs, hardshell turtles, soft-shell turtles, civets, boas and birds.

The other market fuelling the trade is traditional Vietnamese and Chinese medicine, said a report by the wildlife monitoring network TRAFFIC.

Surveys found that “many high-profile animals of global conservation concern (such as tigers, bears or rhinos) can still be bought on the market, provided prior notice is given and that the price negotiated is high enough.”

Informants had told TRAFFIC that live tiger cubs, tiger skeletons, raw materials and processed medicinal products were brought from Cambodia, Laos and as far as Malaysia to supply the Vietnamese market.

Traders in Ninh Hiep commune near Hanoi had offered to supply investigators with “any type of medicinal animal if ordered sufficiently in advance” — including a frozen tiger, rhino horn and wild bear gall bladder.

The shop-owners who offered the illicit goods, the TRAFFIC report found, were “well organised, each claiming that they were shielded from investigations through protection by enforcement personnel.”

Copyright © 2008 Agence France Presse. All rights reserved.

Posted by Frank - August 4, 2008

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