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Remembering Garren Evans (April 15, 1971 - August 9, 2008), who helped create, a true friend of nature and amphibians and reptiles

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Once again,


Once again,, originally uploaded by EcoSnake

Once again,”Little Guy” says, “It’s time to stop rattlesnake roundups NOW! He’s a Great Basin rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus lutosus), natrive to Idaho and the Great Basin area of the United States. Photo by Frank. Posted by Frank - March 12, 2012

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“Piney”, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

“Piney”helping Frank and Scott teach about snakes and other reptiles at the Boise School District Wildlife Ecology classes today (Feb 10, 2010). She is a Northern pine snake (Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus). Northern pine snakes are native to the eastern United States and are part of the pine, bull gopher snake complex, the genus Pituophis. Photo by Darren B.  Posted by Frank - March 12, 2012

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“Rattlesnake Awareness” November 12, 2011 at MK Nature Center


Scott and I will be presenting our “Rattlesnake Awareness and Outdoor Safety” program this Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 1:00 pm at the Idaho Fish and Game MK Nature Center in Boise. If you live in the Treasure Valley area and can’t make it to the BSU game, this is a great alternative!

Posted by Frank - November 7, 2011

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“James” says “thanks”


"James" says "thanks", originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

“James” says “thanks”
to all his friends for helping to fix his cooling system. He especially appreciates the caring comments and donations which enabled the heat pump to be fixed but left some remaining expenses. He’s lucky though to have the system back up and running thanks to everyone. Note from Frank - the response to these pictures was never anticipated and is truly overwhelming. Thanks - we hope to be able to continue to help amphibians and reptiles and all wildlife. PS, if anyone wants to contribute to the remaining expenses, it can be done through pay pal to Thanks again Photo by Frank

Posted by Frank - August 22, 2011

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Hopefully not the end for “James”


Hopefully not the end for “James”, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

Hopefully not the end for “James”
and all my animals because the heat pump died this afternoon in my house and I have no way to afford to repair it. Sadly, if “James” and many other snakes lare exposed to temperatures over 90 degrees (F), they will die. This is very real. I’ve never encountered anything like this before…I’m broke and this heat/cooling problem keeps me from providing adequate care for my animals…

Note: If you want to donate to the EcoSnake heat pump project, do not use the donation button on the website. You can donate directly to the EcoSnake pay pal account (Frank Lundburg) at

Any amount/help is appreciated. Thanks, Frank and the EcoSnake team.

Posted by Frank - August 21, 2011.

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Remembering Garren (Garren Evans - April 15, 1971 - August 9, 2008)


Remembering Garren (Garren Evans - April 15, 1971 - August 9, 2008), originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

Garren was instrumental in helping create EcoSnake. He loved nature and wildlife and was a caring, loving and honest and decent friend and colleague. He died suddenly three years ago today. Self portrait taken October 8, 2007, by Garren.

Posted by Frank - August 9, 2011.

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EcoSnake on NBC Channel 7 in Boise


More snakes emerging in the foothills

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EcoSnake on snakes in Boise foothills


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EcoSnake on Idaho Public Television


Check this link to view Frank Lundburg and Scott Smith’s snake presentation on Idaho Public Television’s “Dialogue for Kids” educational program.  Click on the “video/audio” link at the top of the page and select whether you want to view all or part of the statewide program:

Posted by Frank - May 23, 2011

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Rattlesnake Awareness and Outdoor Safety


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