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South African Crocodiles Escape


Floods cause South African Crocodiles to escape:

Crocodiles ‘in mass SA escape’

Posted by Frank - January 24m 2013

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Florida python hunt probably not effective


Introduced invasive species are a problem not only for the Everglades but for all ecosystems, however, the Florida python hunt probably won’t be effective and may cause more problems than it solves…

Python challenge draws 800 hunters

Photo / Wikimedia Commons

Posted by Frank - January 13, 2013

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Historical anaconda restored at British Foreign Office


Historical anaconda restored at British Foreign Office:

Albert the Anaconda

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Rattlesnake Roundups Must be Outlawed


Excellent article from the Center for Biological Diversity on why rattlesnake roundups should be declared illegal:

Outlawing Rattlesnake Roundups

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Good News for Tuatara


Tuatara being released into the wild!

Video: Tuatara are back after 100 yearsVideo: Tuatara are back after 100 years

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Component of Black Mamba Venom Could Replace Morphine


Mamba painkiller ‘beats morphine’

Black mamba

Posted by Frank - October 3, 2012

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Cruelty of Rattlesnake Roundups Must stop


Sadly, the cruel activities at rattlesnake roundups still occur in a few states in the United States. People are shocked when they realize what actually happens to the animals at these events. I continue to share information which helps us

to oppose the cruelty of rattlesnake roundups because I believe how we treat the creatures with whom we share the earth reflects how we view those creatures, ourselves and each other. We humans have a long ways to go but we must continue to move forward…The survival of life on earth depends on it…

Rattlesnake Roundup Reactions - YouTube


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More useful information about rattlesnakes and the cruelty of roundups


More useful information about rattlesnakes and the cruelty of roundups.  Helpful resources for action:

Rattlesnake Roundups: Blatant Animal Cruelty

Posted by Frank - August 10, 2012

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Cruel Practices at Rattlesnake Roundups


Rise Against Rattlesnake Roundups

Rise Against Rattlesnake Roundups- YouTube

This 11 minute documentary is an excellent and accurate depiction of rattlesnake behavior and also of the cruel activities practiced at rattlesnake roundups.  Please take time to watch it and take whatever action you can to stop these cruel events.  Remember when encountering snakes and all animals in the wild, all animals are different and will behave differently - please leave wildlife alone when you encounter it - you are in the animals’ home not yours.

Posted by Frank - August 1, 2012

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Farewell to a longtime friend…


Farewell to a longtime friend…, originally uploaded by EcoSnake.

Farewell to a longtime friend…
“Flippers” died May 25, 2012.   Most likely she was at least 22 years old. She was captive bred and hatched in the Seattle, Washington area about 1990 and was a gift to me in 1992 from some very good friends. “Flippers” was a white lipped python (Leiopython d’albertisi). White lipped pythons are native to New Guinea. Their lifespans in captivity are 18 - 20 years so she simply died of old age. Since 1992 she has helped educate people about the beauty and cultural heritages of snakes. She truly will be missed. Photo taken February 17, 2011 by Frank.

Posted by Frank - May 26, 2012

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