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Snake Venom Information


A brief discussion of venom from the new documentary, “The Venom Interviews:”

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The time to stop the cruelty of rattlesnake roundups is now!

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Snake FAQS link for Snakebite Information


Check the link to “Snake FAQs” on the EcoSnake home page for more information about snakes.  This story from Boise, Idaho Channel 7 shows the need for caution:

Local woman gets bit by rattlesnake

EcoSnake link for more snakebite information:   Snake FAQ’s and Idaho Fish and Game Rules

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Give Snakes Space


When you encounter snakes in the wild, simply leave them alone:

Give rattlesnakes and gopher snakes their space

Posted by Frank - April 24, 2014

Read more here:

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What It’s Like in a Snake Den


This is actually quite good.  Notice how the snakes are simply trying to get away and mind their own business.  From the Spokesman “Review:

Posted by Frank - April 15, 2014

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No New Florida Python Hunt


No New Python Hunt Planned for Florida:  Florida says Python Challenge hunt was a one-off

Posted by Frank - November 17, 2013

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Why We Care about Protection of Animals


Great article about why we care about animals:

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake with its mouth sewn shut.  Photo: Kim LaForest

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake with its mouth sewn shut.
Photo: Kim LaForest

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Alligator gets prothestic tail


Good news - Alligator gets new tail:

Alligator Fitted With New Prosthetic Tail

Credit: KPNX-TV

Posted by Frank - March 11, 2012

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Florida python hunt fails


Florida python hunt fails - questionable ideas usually end with questionable results:

Florida python hunt ending in failure - Telegraph

Florida python hunt ending in failure

Posted by Frank - February 0, 2013

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Fertility concerns for 116 year old tuatara


Fertility concerns for Henry, the 116 year old tuatara:

Fears Henry the tuatara might be infertile

Lindsay Hazley

Posted by Frank - January 31, 2013

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